life is getting hotter and hotter down here in the DR!!!

I have pretty much forgot what it’s like to be cold, but that’s okay because I’m getting a sweet tan 🙂
Highlights of this week:
Hector, the investigator who just got baptized, just got called as the ward mission leader!!! He is so amazing and on fire with a love for the gospel.  I know he is going to help a ton with the work here in Bonao, and he will see so much blessing in his own life. I feel so lucky to work with him!
We had an awesome lesson with a young mom who is very involved in her Christian church. The whole lesson went really well until we started to explain about Joseph Smith…and then she closed her heart.  She said it’s impossible for anyone to see God and live, that there is no way there can be any other scripture but the Bible…and so on.  I tried to show her scriptures, evidence of our message, but in the end, we could only testify.  And so that’s what we did. We testified of Joseph Smith that he was a prophet, that God loves us and that he has a prophet on the earth today.  We testified that Christ is our Savior and the head of the church.  The contention then left the room, and instead it was filled with the Spirit.  She agreed to meet with us again.
I love this work.  Truth be told, it’s hard. It’s hard to keep going day after day, to give part of heart to people who might not even remember, never mind accept the message you share. But really the only way to soften the stress of it is to keep working.  To keep giving your all.  Because only when we keep working can we find the JOY!!  I have learned so much in these months and I am so excited to keep learning.  I know the Lord knows us and knows what we can handle.  He will bless us if we let him.
Love you all,
Hna Stephens
zone homies
a happy sandwich
beautiful Bonao sunset
my comp

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