American Pride


this week included:
·PILAS (lots) of cake. but i love cake so there wasnt a problem
·crazy loud and long thunderstorms in the middle of the night
·being called DOMINICANA (sorry america)
·watching the jose smith movie 2 times in a row…and crying both times
·finding so many people ready to hear the message of the gospel…after a zone conference we had about finding!
I have been thinking a lot this week about change. Why we change. What motivates us to change. How we change. Should we change. All of these good things. And I have come to the conclusion that as disciples of Christ, we believe in change…it is the very fundamental of our gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ EMPOWERS us to change. To shed the natural man and become a saint through the Atonement of Christ. And we should want to change! But the only way to change is be humble enough to see our own weaknesses and then to have the faith the change them. To take ACTION. And to trust that we if do our best, God will make up the rest. He will comfort us and then transform us into his servants, his tools.
I have been reading a lot about the history of the church, and Joseph had to humble himself, he had to change, in order to translate the book of mormon. He had to be totally in line with the Lord´s will. We too have the power to reach out and help those around us, but we have to be humble enough to accept the Lord´s will. And then, he will work miracles through us.
I love this gospel, I am so grateful to live in the fullness of times, with the restored priesthood of God and with a prophet.
thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!


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