So transfers happened, and surprise, I’m still here in Bonao and, another surprise, I’m training!! That means my companion is brand new to the mission. WOW!  I feel so grateful to be with her.  She’s cute, smart, likes Harry Potter and Hamilton and already knows Spanish.  She is doing so great adjusting to the crazy dominican life down here and is already teaching and contacting like a pro.  Also, we made mango smoothies two nights in a row and life is good.

I feel super grateful to be here again in Bonao.  Everyone is so open and loving and it’s super beautiful here.  Also, it seems that everyday we find a miracle.  Whether it’s someone new to teach or a special moment in a lesson, or just a gift from a neighbor, we really are blessed everyday.

I’m excited to see the miracles God will bring about in this area.

So basically I just love the people here and I love the work!
Hna Stephens
Elianas bday
Hna Schroeder, hija mia

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