we take a trip to…SANTO DOMINGO

klokkkk everyone… so this week was madness. Thursday during planning, the assistants to the president of the mission called and were like, “HEY you guys are going to Santo Domingo for visa stuff, be in Santiago in 3 hours”. WELL, we had a very interesting trip to Santo Domingo………

It began to downpour as soon as we started walking to the bus station and in Bonao the streets flood in like under 5 minutes. We had to walk in water up to our knees to get to the bus station!!! Then, when we finally got to Santiago, we find out that we are literally the only people who are going to Santo Domingo, which is super weird because normally like a bunch of missionaries go together like a school field trip or something.  But we got on a bus by ourselves and WE GOT TO SEE THE TEMPLE.  Sadly, we weren’t allowed to go in, but it was really beautiful.  It was also weird to see the MTC again after like 9 months. I saw some of my old teachers and it was so cool to be able to speak in spanish quickly with them.  It made me realize really how much I’ve changed and grown in these past months. I am definitely not the same person I was.  But instead of getting sad like I might have used to have done, I felt grateful for the experiences I’ve had and decided to keep moving forward.
But we are really excited because FABY is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!! Faby is 14 and has such a strong testimony, and is one of the strongest people I have met.  Her conversion story really is miraculous. We had a really powerful lesson with her about how she can find out for herself if the church really is the church of Christ. She prayed that night to know for herself.  The next day she woke up with an excitement and drive to go to church so she went.  She later told us that she took that as the answer to her prayer.  But what truly is miraculous is what happened next.  Instead of losing speed after that moment, she picked up speed, keeping all of her committment, reading and praying and even doing personal progress.  She even went to an internet center to look up general conference talks without us asking her to.  She has SO MUCH LOVE for the gospel and is so excited to get baptized.  She inspires me everyday.
 I LOVE THE MISSION. I feel so lucky to serve here in Bonao with such wonderful people. God really does play a hand in our everyday lives!!!
our district….BONAO 1
the temple!!!!!!!
sleepover in Santiago
mango smoothies…we´ve eaten them like everyday all week
family reunion!! Hna Merrill came to say goodbye

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