Just gonna send a quick story…

Hey all,

Just gonna send a quick story…
Tuesday we passed by an investigators house and she wasnt home. So we continued on to a different lession. Halfway through the lession I felt like we should go check to see if they other invesitgator was home…she was and so we talked a bit with her and made she was okay and then moved on and thought little of it.
Later…on friday we had a lession with said investigator. I asked her if she´s prayed to see if the church is true or not. She said she had and she recieve an answer. On Tuesday she had prayed that if they church isnt true, that we wouldnt stop by that day. When we stopped by but she wasnt home…she took that at first as a no the church isnt true….BUT we returned.
The spirit speaks gently and softy. If we´re not in tune we miss it all together. But if we listen, we can be the answers to the prayers of those around us.
I love this work!!!! I love the joy of the gospel!
Hna Stephens

Obedience brings blessings


Ay so this week, I want to share a short spiritual message.
First off, there is this bomb scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 130-20 and 21 which is says
There is a law, irrevocably decreed in Heaven, before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated. And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated
Every commandment has blessings attached. When we keep that commandment, we receive those specific blessings. God has these blessings prepared for us, and he wants to give them to us, but we have to be obedient to receive these blessings.
I have learned this week that the opposite is also true. If we are disobedient, we lose these blessings. A lot of the time, those blessings are blessings that protect us from bad things, the forces of Satan. And if we are disobedient, we lose that protection and bad things happen. I have seen this principle in action, not in my service but in others close to me, and I know that it is real. I want to always be exactly obedient as to be worthy of the protection God wants to give us.
I want to testify that God is good. He loves us. He wants to bless us and protect us. But He will never do anything that interferes with our ability to choose. We have to choose the blessings. He will never force them upon us. But they are always waiting for us, in the gospel of Jesus Christ, if we so chose them.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is happiness. It is light, joy, peace. It is everything good.
Hna Stephens
pic the elders had a baptism!!!

Agustin got baptized (really fast)

SO this week was really great, even though the rain is slowing down in Bonao and the heat is going up. Some crazy things happened per usual!

1. I packed up and headed to La Vega for a day to work with Hna Sanchez (feat below) who is so sweet and such an amazing missionary. this was my second intercambio with her, and i learned so much. Also she speaks beautiful CLEAR spanish which i love
2. Agustin got baptized!!!!! He has so much animo even though he’s really really poor and sick. But he loves the gospel and always says the gospel is his medicine. and you can see the joy of the gospel is his eyes. he is such an example to me of faith and gratitude. im reminded of the story in the new testament of the widow who only had her little cent to give but it was all she had so it was valuable to the lord. It’s the same with Agustin. he doesn’t have much, but what he does have he gives with all of his heart.
But as un unexpected turn of events, the baptism started exactly at 7, when it was supposed to start! That NEVER happens here. And so we got there right as the baptism was starting, and other investigators who came missed it all together. And for that reason I only have one fuzzy picture to show you all. I’m sorry!
I’m so grateful to be here with these wonderful people in Bonao, I love this work, and I bear testimony of its divinity. This is the church of christ. I have seen miracles in the lives of people because of this gospel and i have seen the light in their eyes. I have felt the same fire in my chest that they have felt. and for this I cannot deny its truthfulness
Hna Stephens

tu haces tu grasa


well this week has been filled with some really crazy moments, just goes to show that even with a companion who knows the country, you still run into some weird weird stuff. One of which was a lady who asked us if the book of mormon we were going to give her was in English (the title is literally in huge letters IN SPANISH on the front) then proceeded to share some personal information about some health problems she’s been having….wow we had a good laugh about that one.
But other news, my spanish is improving!! I still has lots to learn but Hna Morla is helping so much. She is such an amazing hardworking missionary and has taught me a lot. One thing I have really learned this week is about…agency. Everyone has the ablilty to make their own choices. We can’t force someone to do anything, if we did it would lose its value. We can only teach and encourage. And they choose. We had a baptism fall through this week for various reasons, I was sad, but we have to respect everyone’s own decisions.
I love this gospel and see and feel miracles everyday because of it.
Hna Stephens
pcs…Bonao 1.. the best district, WE CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN (my zone plus a rando with a macheti) distict and the hermanas




Well transfers happened this week and i am with Hermana Morla, a fast talking, sassy dominican!! She is 35 and so has a LOT more life experience than me, so I am learning so much from her about the gospel and about missionary, not to mention spanish. We share a love for pride and prejudice and the living scriptures so its been a fun time!
Have I mentioned that Dominican Spanish is not even Spanish? I am almost positive it´s a different language all together. But it´s fun because i talk really fast in english so maybe one day ill talk fast in spanish too haha i have hope
I love this work and I am so excited to get to work with hna Morla!! This week at church I really felt the joy of the gospel. It is a really thing!!!!!!!!!! Through the ordinances of the sacrament we can feel a true joy and peace no matter what our circumsatnces. And for these feelings, the fruits of the spirit, I KNOW that this is church of Christ!
I love this work and this gospel,
Hna Stephens

More rain…and miracles do happen.

It has rained every day this week. And not just a sprinkle, hard downpouring rain. I have never been more wet!! The streets here literally turn into rivers and people turn into hermits. But I love it, I have always loved the rain and feel like maybe I was always meant to work in Bonao.

He is an investigator who is the strongest member in the ward, and a grandfather for the missionaries. He knows so much doctrine and is always reading the Book of Mormon. He is the perfect example of thirst for spiritual knowledge. He really is so special and so kind. The only thing is…he is scared of baptism. BUT… a miracle happened and the spirit touched his heart and he accepted a DATE for his baptism!!! We are so thrilled and so grateful.
This is the Lords work, miracles do happen!!
Love you all!!
Hermana Stephens